Ok, I got my results back today. I passed all but one and you could guess which.

Human Biology 62.9% – Hehe.. My strong subject. I’m one of the best in the class but I stuffed it up in the exam. Some easy marks lost. C exam, B semester.
Economics 58% – Phew.. Can you believe 64% of the class failed? C exam, B semester.
Applied IT 80% – The best but I wasn’t expecting so high. Solid score but the exam itself was stupid. A exam, A semester.
Physics 50% – No comment. It was hard but I missed out on some easy marks. C exam, C semester.
Intro Calculus 53% – Just! Some careless mistakes and just generally bad? At least I passed. Grades unknown.

I don’t want to tell you my English results but I’m glad to say that I’ve passed the semester with a C. Exam was C.