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Life &Music simon on 28 May 2009

Epiphone Les Paul Flake

My current dream guitar.
Les Paul Flake - Red
I WANT!!!!! Someone buy it for me!

Music simon on 28 May 2009

Call of the Night!

New song for Nano-Mugen Festival 2009.

The CD comes with a T-shirt, but of course, I can’t afford it.



Life simon on 24 May 2009

meh haz teh draween skillz

get that?
Skillz with a Z.


Life simon on 23 May 2009

The story behind “RITH”

I don’t know why, but the past week at school.. I had a lot of people ask me where RITH came from, even though I’ve had it on my back for a long time.

Well, the short story >> it’s my internet alias.

..But here’s the actual story.
A few years ago, me, my dad, and my sister (later joined by my cousin and his parents) went to Cambodia.
We went on a (our own) tour of the famous “Siem Reap,” where Ankor Wat resides.
The same area had a cultural village.
Now here’s the thing.
Tourists prices are higher than that of “native?” I guess.. prices. The people at the entrance would ask “What is your name?” in Khmer (Cambodian). Now, I don’t know Cambodian, but my dad gave me a name.
It was, Rith.

There you have it, though there is a little bit more to that story than what I have written but I’ll save that for whenever you want to ask.

Life simon on 22 May 2009

雨! Rain!

Finally, after almost one month!

Now for some photos taken recently:
I beat my high score.. now its 6709..sooo fast!

Pool.. Do you see the face?

Looks like that sloth off Ice Age?

the wind.
The wind was strong.

Life simon on 20 May 2009

Iron Man “Essentials?”

I entered the “Iron Man Essentials” competition run by Nutri-Grain a while back.. and guess what I won:
A volleyball
Utterly useless to me.. I guess I’ll use it to practise juggling.

There’s also a brown mark that runs across the back of the ball.. eh.

Life simon on 17 May 2009

Oo-rah! tadaaa

You know that “holiday project” that I was going to do on the holidays ?
Well I finally got that done:
Erase it, and rewrite it

Life simon on 15 May 2009



Eh. No.
I have a human biology and physics test on Monday, physics prac on Wednesday.. a maths thing coming up.

Life simon on 09 May 2009


Remember the konami code?
It works on Facebook!
I decided to try after getting bored, and, it worked!

You don’t get unicorns, but instead lots bubbles!

In other news today, Bomberman Kart with John = most fun I’ve had a very long time.

Life simon on 07 May 2009



I had a human bio test today, completely messed that up.

I have an english oral assessment tomorrow, with an automatic 20% off my mark because it is tomorrow!
I can’t believe it.


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