I don’t know why, but the past week at school.. I had a lot of people ask me where RITH came from, even though I’ve had it on my back for a long time.

Well, the short story >> it’s my internet alias.

..But here’s the actual story.
A few years ago, me, my dad, and my sister (later joined by my cousin and his parents) went to Cambodia.
We went on a (our own) tour of the famous “Siem Reap,” where Ankor Wat resides.
The same area had a cultural village.
Now here’s the thing.
Tourists prices are higher than that of “native?” I guess.. prices. The people at the entrance would ask “What is your name?” in Khmer (Cambodian). Now, I don’t know Cambodian, but my dad gave me a name.
It was, Rith.

There you have it, though there is a little bit more to that story than what I have written but I’ll save that for whenever you want to ask.