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Monthly ArchiveJune 2009

Life simon on 29 Jun 2009

Wild weather

It was SOOOOOooooooooooooo windy today..

I woke up to the howling gusts outside, before my alarm.
During school, it was even worse. There was random rain – very strong wind..
and halfway through human biology, the power went out. (On top of that, we were locked in our class last period..)

So there wasn’t a siren and the deputy had to use an actual bell. People called him Santa. haha

News story:

“More than 240 properties have been hit by the violent storms that have swept across the Perth metropolitan area and south west since Friday night.

Winds of more than 100kmh hit Perth’s coastal areas on Monday morning, dumping rain in squally bursts.

About 4000 customers – including 1000 in Willetton – are still without power. At the height of the storm about 7.15am this morning, approximately 17,000 homes were blacked out.”


The storm rages

Life simon on 25 Jun 2009

Curtin English Conference

The weather is being very weird lately.
Ah well, thunder in a blue sky.

Today there was a conference at Curtin university for year 12 students all over the state.. eg. Chisholm, Kent St, Duncraig.. etc.
Some of it was a little funny but the rest was boring. I almost fell asleep.

In order to keep myself entertained, I drew a new character:
Roger G.M.
Roger G. Mowovski, his name is.

Peter helped with the name, and the moustache. hehe.

Life simon on 20 Jun 2009

Can you feel the cold tonight?

Winter is really starting to set in.

I’m enjoying my new laptop, it is way faster than my old PC (which I still use, by the way).

Been watching the Confederations Cup on TV lately and I gotta say, those horns/trumpets are very annoying. Lots of Mexican waves though.

Hm, holidays really soon but not before a few tests and an English conference @ Curtin University next Thursday.

About my exams, my best was Human Biology, which is quite surprising – really.
I got 61% but I had my mark put up to 64%. Economics which was supposed to be my strongest subject landed me a 49% (but put up to 50% after I consulted my answers).
English? What can I say. I did a lot better than I expected, 57% if I remember correctly.

The other two? I’d rather not say..

It sets in but its alright.
Darkness falls, I’m letting go.
All alone but I feel just fine.

Life simon on 14 Jun 2009

Messing around with my PC


That is what my desktop looks like. I also have a custom logon:

Facial recognition!

Click pics to see larger.

Life simon on 11 Jun 2009

New computer

I’m using it right now!

It’s a Dell Studio 15, 15.6” Widescreen laptop. With HDMI!

DSC00570s DSC00571s DSC00584s DSC00575s DSC00583s pcspecs

Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 256MB.

Events &Life simon on 10 Jun 2009

Long time no post

I’d just like to inform you that I’m not dead. Exams has taken up my past two weeks and my last is tomorrow.
Guess what subject it is…


NQMM is gonna be a special guest at Jay Chou’s concert.
Jay Chou Sydney

I really want to go!!

Music simon on 02 Jun 2009

Call of the Night – PV

Yay. Its finally released.
This video makes me laugh. ;]

Music simon on 01 Jun 2009



2009.07.01 Release!
02 Ben Folds / Zak And Sara
03 FARRAH / Stereotypes
04 Gregory and the Hawk / Oats We Sow
05 HARD-FI / Suburban Knights
06 the HIATUS / Silver Birch
07 Kiyoshi Ryujin / Morning Sun
08 lostage / SURRENDER
09 MANIC STREET PREACHERS / Everything Must Go
10 mudy on the [sakuban] / marm
11 nada surf / Weightless
13 Sakanaction / Night fishing is good
14 Spitz / 8823
15 Straightener / Magic Blue Van
16 THE YOUNG PUNX! / Rock Star -Understand-
17 Unicorn / HELLO [Yomigaeru – Live version]
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