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Life simon on 22 Aug 2009


A new PS3 model was announced this week. Along with a nice price cut!

The new model costs $499 and sports a 120gb hard drive – more than the $688 PS3’s on sale now.

The Americans will get this PS3 for $299US which is really unfair.. that’s not even $400AU. We have to get our ridiculous prices from Europe, and their Euro (and pound) is worth almost double our dollar.


So, I know start the… buy RITH a PS3 donation drive! You can contribute to my cause through the Donate link located on the right sidebar, the goal of course is $500 Australian dollars haha.

ps3-slim-04  ps3-slim-05

Events &Life simon on 14 Aug 2009

Curtin on Sunday

I’m going to Curtin open day on the weekend.

More competitions! I’m going to enter the MacBook one with The BOX.
I’ve already entered the Nano comp. Why is always apple, hm?


Life simon on 09 Aug 2009

you can’t go back.

Talking to Alina:

i hate using pencil

i use pen because you make your mark and that’s it. you can’t go back
and if you make mistakes, they’re still going to be there. you just have to learn to fix them
and make them look like it’s part of the drawing.

I believe in this statement. I do regret sometimes, doing the things I’ve done, making the choices I’ve made and how I’ve lived me life till now.

But, that’s the past. Even though you can’t go back and fix it, we have the power to change direction, do new things and try something different. It will work out in the future.

the future scares the s*** out of me

Events &Life simon on 08 Aug 2009


Not much happened this week.

There was a maths competition (which I do hope I at least get credit – I’m sure I got one of the number questions at the end right!).

Yesterday, there was a Leavers photo thing. The guy behind me were being jerks, I hate them. Ruined the photo for me.


Scar has almost healed. Going to UWA open day tomorrow.

Life simon on 03 Aug 2009


An eventful weekend, which I won’t talk about.

Except for this:

Cut by a knife.

That’s about it. I did draw a little more, but more of that when I’m done.