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Life simon on 26 Oct 2010

2010 quickly coming to an end

I’ve finish all my classes and assignments for this year and there is now just exams to come next month.

Liverpool finally had another win, but sadly it isn’t enough to see them out of the bottom three right now.

If you’ve been following, you may have noticed the absence of the countdown. I can gladly say that there is 64 days till I go to Japan and 51 days till my birthday! Exciting indeed.

I bought my JR Passes yesterday too which was pretty good, the agents gave us a few tourist booklets.

That’s all for now.. I need to go eat something and find something to do in the meantime. lol

Life simon on 24 Oct 2010

i’m totally not neglecting this blog!

Only if I’m the only person who reads it. Smile with tongue out

Oh, that’s new.. emoticons!
I’ve never seen that before. Smile Smile with tongue out Sad smile Ninja

haha. They’re all from MSN.

I also discovered that the new MSN has new emoticons that older versions can’t see. Like the ninja’s code is (J), and that’s all the other person sees.

I also have a penpal in the UK now! Yay!

Life simon on 10 Oct 2010

this post title would have been in binary

But it would have been too long.

Today is the 10th of October 2010.. or 10/10/10.
If you’ve been following along on Facebook, you may have seen all the LAME LAME fan pages people have been liking. Yes, it’s so lame that it’s bolded and italicised. You know what? I’ll underline it too.

Here are a few examples:

  • Today is the 10/10/10 :D
  • I was alive on the 1.1 2001 2.2 2002 3.3 2003 4.4 2004 5.5 2005 6.6 2006 7.7 2007 8.8 2008 9.9 2009 10.10 2010 (I hate this one the most)
  • Today is 10/10/10, won’t happen again for another 1000 years so you might as well like it ? (***)
  • Today Is 10/10/10. This Date Only Comes Every 1,000 Years! (***)
  • im proud to say ive beeen through 1/1/1, 2/2/2, 3/3/3, 4/4/4, 5/5/5, 6/6/6, 7/7/7, 8/8/8, 9/9/9, and soon to be in 10/10/10, 11/11/11, and 12/12/12… i am a person thats been throught something that comes every 1000 years witch make me special (: (I cringe at the amount of errors and well, stupidness. Also, ***)

That’s all in the one news feed.

***So here’s what I’m really annoyed of..
To that last one, each of those come EVERY TEN YEARS! And how can you be proud of something like that?
If you’re gonna say it only comes every one thousand years you might as well have done it like this: 10/10/010. But you can see how stupid that is.

I also don’t understand the fascination of 10:10 10/10/10. Twice in the same day! (Although technically, only in the morning if you’re running 24-hour time). These things happen very often.

12:34:56 07/08/09 is cool. Any other is not.


LAME (Yes, I totally took it one extra step)

Life simon on 01 Oct 2010

mid-sem break

Was half ruined by an assignment due in on Monday..

Anyway. I went to the Royal Show for the first time in over five years. Nothing really special.

Watching Solanin finally. I got the English subs. Really great, emotional movie. Really makes you think about life. And the music element really helps with the story.

I said “really” a lot, didn’t I?

I guess it’s really that good. :P