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Monthly ArchiveNovember 2010

Life simon on 29 Nov 2010

One month to go

Flying to Japan in a month, exactly from today.

In similar news, it is my birthday in 17 days. Excitedddddd.

In not so similar news, I thought it would be cool to show what I was listening to for every new post I make from now.

Listening to: Tightrope (live with orchestra) – Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Life simon on 16 Nov 2010

the holidays

Well I’ve finished uni for this year..

I’m pretty confident I’ve pass three of my four units and I’m certain I’ve failed the the other Sad smile.
I’ll have to repeat the unit, but when I do depends if it is a prerequisite for another unit.

Oh well.

I know have Japan to look forward to, and my friends coming over from Sydney.

Also I’m waiting for that letter, Megan!

Other simon on 10 Nov 2010

special message..

To Megan, if you read this.

I’m sorry for what has happened and I hope you get through it okay. I hope you get to go home soon and see your family. And I hope that you know, that your friends will be there for you and you can talk to me if you feel you need to.

Stay strong. I send this virtual *hug* to you.

Life simon on 04 Nov 2010

ninja war!

I love long Naruto chapters. Well, there was a week break after all.

My exams start next week. Wish me luck! It’s a requirement to pass them, but for one of those units (since I didn’t do so well during the semester) I need to score a little bit more.

My last exam is on the 15th, so that means that I have three exams on week one!

I’m also starting the annual birthday fund. Smile with tongue out
This year, it’s going towards my trip to the Japan. And this time, I really need it…