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Japan &Life simon on 31 Dec 2010



It’s my second day in Japan.

I have lots of photos which you can see on Facebook and a few more videos will come. Most will be edited and shown when I come back for neatness.


Later peeps!

Life simon on 25 Dec 2010

Happy holidays!

And Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!

I wish you and your family a safe holiday and great new year!
Stay cool if you’re in the summer, and stay warm if you’re in the winter. Smile

See you in Japan guys!
My next blog will be the day we leave probably!

I’ll make a new category for Japan too. FOUR DAYS!

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Life simon on 14 Dec 2010

Sony (X)mas

As you guys know, I’m crazy for competitions. I just received the Bloggie today!

So this latest one I entered gave me a chance to win $10,000 worth of Sony electronics – something I would have absolutely loved. What you had to do was show your love for Sony in any way you could think of. Most creative and original entry would win.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win. But I did get (surprisingly), a runner-up prize!

I had a choice between a Bloggie Touch (which you know I’ve already won.. hehe) and a HiFi system. I chose the HiFi system, obviously. Can’t wait till it gets here.

My entry for the (X)mas competition, go to the video page for more about the actual video.

In other news, I made a new YouTube account for blogging purposes. It’s here.

I’ll be blogging from Japan. See you then!

Not listening to anything.. quite late. haha.

Life simon on 10 Dec 2010

Blogging, extreme

So, I’m thinking of doing video blogging using the Bloggie Touch camera I won (check a couple of posts ago).

I’ll mostly be doing it in Japan, to keep my friends up to date and anyone else who happens to follow me.

What do you think?

Oh yea, my birthday’s on Thursday!

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Life simon on 03 Dec 2010

So the WC goes to Qatar in 2022

Such a logical choice.

NO WAY! That’s the worst possible choice FIFA could make!

The WC is totally ours! Australia’s! We’re the most deserving. I’ll explain.

First, Qatar has never qualified for the World Cup finals. Australia has qualified three times, and have been in the last two.

Second, and further reiterating the first point.. they’re aren’t even a footballing nation. Pull someone off the street and ask them if they can think of even one player from Qatar who is professionally playing. Then ask if they know any Aussies. A few come to mind.. Let’s see; Tim Cahill, Harry Kewell, Lucas Neill – all big AUSSIE names.

Third, infrastructure. Qatar doesn’t have any. They claim that once the WC is over, they’ll be donating the stadiums to lesser nations. All this tells me is that they don’t care about the development of football in their nation afterwards. Where are they going to play!

Fourth, environment. I wouldn’t have minded as much if the WC went to the US instead of Australia. They have the stadiums, and they have a better environment. Not the constant plus 40 degree heat. Air-conditioned stadiums? Yea, right. Tell that to the tourists who will be staying there for a month.

I would have much preferred to see it being held in Japan or the US, even if they’ve hosted it before (which is another reason why we deserve it – we’ve never had it!).

Also about the 2018. England seemed like such strong favourites, yet they had as little votes as we did? Craziness. Even the president of FIFA recognised England as the “motherland” of football.

So who is with me on boycotting the 2022 World Cup? lol

If it isn’t possible to revoke hosting rights, I sure do hope we try for 2026 (and join Oceania’s confederation) otherwise me may never see a WC hosted in Australia in our generation.

Life simon on 01 Dec 2010

Sony Bloggie Touch

Thanks to Sony, I get one of these for free!


It was for a “My bestie is an alien” video competition where I had to translate what the aliens were saying.

Check it out here: http://mybestieisanalien.com.au/

Other news..
I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday, all four. Jaw is still a little numb and hurts a little but it’s not too bad. At least I can talk more clearly today – I could barely yesterday.


Listening to: Fulfilled Desire (Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII OST) – Takeharu Ishimoto/Kazuhiko Toyama