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Daily ArchiveSunday, January 16th, 2011

Japan simon on 16 Jan 2011

Final few days

My time here in Japan is quickly coming to an end..

We leave on the morning of the 19th and arrive back in Perth by the 20th. Also, I’m very glad the stopover isn’t as long!

I have lots to share and stay tuned for the roundup post! I’m sure that will be fun to make and hopefully as fun for you to read.

I’ve really enjoyed my time here. I know I still have some time left, it’s been exhausting. I’m going to visit the Sony building tomorrow and the Square-Enix shop. I think we’re also going to the early morning fish markets. Should be fun!

See you back in Australia!

Japan simon on 16 Jan 2011

hello from Kyoto (reposted)

The site was moved to another server and it was deleted from online. Here is a repost of the local copy:

I have a few videos posted on FB already so you can check them out.

I’m currently staying in a capsule ryokan in Kyoto which is actually pretty nice. It has everything you need – and a fancy toilet!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much, there is just a lot to do, and we’re doing it everyday. I’ll make a massive round-up at the end though.

For the past few days, I was staying at Tajimi with a host family, it is definitely a highlight of this trip.

Tomorrow, we’re heading to Universal Studios Japan and the largest Pokémon Centre in the world. Exciting!

That’s it for tonight.