Woo. We’ve made it to Day 3 – A game that is underrated.

I play lots of games, a lot of them are actually well received and played by many – not exactly underrated. I think it’s hard to actually determine what’s underrated, since it’s subjective.

Enough of that though, this is my answer:


Though not exactly underrated, I feel as though this game is not as appreciated as much as other “big” titles.

Developed by thatgamecompany, Flower is one of those experiences.It takes you on a ride – you play the role of a petal. You control the breeze to direct it around this dull, boring and lifeless field. As you awaken more flowers, things appear more vibrant and come to life. In short, this is a great gaming experience unique to this game. By the end of the journey (which is actually the title of their next game), the city’s come to life. The window sill the flower was sitting on is no longer lifeless and dull. This game will play on your emotions but by the end of this, you come out fresh and relaxed.

Yea.. More people need to play this beauty of a game. Smile