Yay my favourite number!

Past the half way point, now we’re up to Day 16 – Game with the best cut scenes.

Cut scenes are what really drive the story in games and if they aren’t up to scratch, the game can look pretty bad.

I have a few good ones. Uncharted 2’s cut scenes were good because it was rendered using the game graphics which allows a seamless transition between the cut scene and game play – put together with no load times and you have a really good story-driven game. Another good one is ModNation Racers. For a game of its type, I thought it was fairly well done. The voice acting was great and it fit the theme of the game.

Crisis Core cut scene

But my favourite has got to be Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. The game used high quality pre-rendered CGI for their cut scenes as well as game-rendered scenes too (like Uncharted). When you got to a GCI cut scene, you get a chance to sit back and enjoy the story and what you’ve accomplished to get to that point. Some of these cut scenes are a beauty to watch as well. The only annoying thing is that they’re unskippable if you die and you have to rewatch them.

Keep that above shot in mind, you’ll see later on in this challenge..