Now gotta get used to writing the year 2012 when writing the date. Smile with tongue out

So I’ve been working almost every single day since my birthday week. It’s pretty tiring but it’s alright. Just have to try not to fall asleep on the bus home and miss my stop!

I gave in and bought the tablet I reviewed. Should be arriving this week. Damn boxing day sales!

Other stuff; my PC is awesome. Runs Portal 2 at 300fps like a boss. No monitor though, have to resort to my TV (which is no longer in my room Sad smile) that has an unfortunate scratch. Oh well.

Currently saving up for a car, no more big spending till I get one. I even decided I’ll hold out on the Vita until a good bundle comes out or a slim model. If I can win myself a console, or something of equal value; even better, but one can only hope.

That’s all for now. Happy new year guys~