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Monthly ArchiveFebruary 2012

Life simon on 26 Feb 2012

picture of the day

Come on the Reds!

You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Life simon on 20 Feb 2012

le sigh..

So it’s mid-Feb. What makes this mid-Feb different from most others is the fact that I’m developing an annoying cold (my second this summer). Why, immune system.. WHY?

Anyway, I’m going to start uploading some videos I recorded in Japan. I think that’s long overdue. I also plan to start doing comedic shorts with my friend Ian (remember him?), that should be good.

Life simon on 03 Feb 2012


Sorry for the long time between posts!

As you know, I’m loving my PC very much. I impulsively decided to splurge some more on it.

I recently upgraded my RAM to 16gb courtesy of very pretty blue Patriot RAM. I also bought:

Like my screen? I now have the problem of deciding what to assign to each button. SO MANY BUTTONS!