You mustn’t let a little thing like, “little”, stop you
If you sit around and let them get on top, you
Might as well be saying, you think that it’s okay
And that’s not right.


I’ve got a bit of an obsession lately.

Been listening to a lot of the Matilda the Musical soundtrack (which is amazing, by the way), waiting for an opportunity to see the show in person. It was announced earlier in the year that the show was coming to Perth next year and I couldn’t be more excited (I’m still really bummed I didn’t go see it when I was in Sydney in 2015).

The other week, it was just announced that the Melbourne season will be closing with the last shows on the second week of November which was great for me! I’ll be there for PAX during that week and of course I booked to see it pretty much as soon as I land.

When I was younger, Roald Dahl was a source of wonder, imagination, and happiness as someone who liked to read those kinds of stories. This was the man that created Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and of course, Matilda.

I have really good memories of the movie that came out in the 90’s, and to have another adaptation of this great book – with songs written by none other than Tim Minchin – well, I don’t need another other reason to go see it.

If the show is running in your city, I highly recommend checking the musical out. It didn’t win all those Oliviers and Tonys for nothing!

Seriously, check out how amazing these kids are:

When I grow up,
I will have treats every day
And I’ll play with things that mums pretend
That mums don’t think are fun

And I will wake up
When the sun comes up,
And I will spend all day just lying in the sun,
And I won’t burn
‘Cause I’ll be all grown up