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Events &Life simon on 09 Aug 2008

One World. One Dream.

One World. One Dream

Fireworks The Beijing Olympics is now under way. Let me tell you, the Opening Ceremony was AMAZING! Best thing I’ve seen in a while.
So many countries competing, 204 in all. The parade went on for ages as you’d expect.
In other news, I can now perform the 3 ball juggling trick Juggler’s Tennis.

Events simon on 03 Jul 2008

Firefox 3 breaks world record


Remember the world record attempt to break the record for the most downloaded software in 24 hours? Well, the event was successful with 8,002,530 downloads at launch. That’s something to be proud of.

Well done to the Mozilla team for making Firefox so good! and to all who downloaded.

Events &Life simon on 12 Jun 2008

Exams over, Firefox 3 release date, Ajikan

My exams are finally over! Phew..

Now I gotta wait for Firefox 3! The release date is June 17 and if you haven’t pledged to download already – do it! Link is in my prevous post.

I have ordered Ajikan’s new album “Mada Minu Ashita Ni (Into an Unseen Tomorrow)” it cost a lot.. Why don’t they sell these things here..! ugh.

Events simon on 09 Jun 2008

Firefox: Download Day 2008

Help set a world record! Pledge to download Firefox 3 and contribute to the attempt for the software most downloaded in 24 hours.

Download Day - English

Events simon on 15 Apr 2008

Buddha’s Birthday Festival 08

Sorry for the late post…

BBF was held over the weekend. I volunteered by going around the place selling drinks. The main stall actually sold pretty quickly but the runners didn’t do so well.

I didn’t take any photos because my camera battery was flat on the Saturday but I only took one of shadows on Sunday so I might post that.

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