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Life &Music simon on 04 May 2017

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day
August Wilson Theatre

Theatre Owned / Operated by Jujamcyn Theaters (Jordan Roth: President; Rocco Landesman: President Emeritus; Paul Libin: Executive Vice President; Jack Viertel: Senior Vice President)
Produced by Whistle Pig, Columbia Live Stage, The Dodgers and Michael Watt
First performed in London on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at The Old Vic Theatre
Book by Danny Rubin; Music by Tim Minchin; Lyrics by Tim Minchin; Based on the film written by Danny Rubin; Music orchestrated by Christopher Nightingale; Additional music by Christopher Nightingale; Musical Director: David Holcenberg
Directed by Matthew Warchus; Choreographed by Peter Darling; Co - Choreographer: Ellen Kane; Additional Movement: Finn Caldwell
Scenic Design by Rob Howell; Costume Design by Rob Howell; Lighting Design by Hugh Vanstone; Sound Design by Simon Baker; Video Design by Andrzej Goulding; Hair and Wig Design by Campbell Young Associates
General Manager: Bespoke Theatricals; Company Manager: Kate Egan
Production Manager: Aurora Productions; Production Stage Manager: David Lober; Stage Manager: Michael Krug
Musical Supervisor: Christopher Nightingale
Illusions: Paul Kieve
Casting: Jim Carnahan Casting; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Advertising: AKA; Dance Captain: Camden Gonzales
Andy Karl 
Phil Connors 
Barrett Doss 
Rita Hanson 
Heather Ayers 
Kevin Bernard 
Andrew Call 
Gerard Canonico 
Rheaume Crenshaw 
Michael Fatica 
Rebecca Faulkenberry 
Katy Geraghty 
Broadway debut	Ensemble 
Taylor Iman Jones 
Broadway debut	Ensemble 
Tari Kelly 
Josh Lamon 
Raymond J. Lee 
Joseph Medeiros 
Sean Montgomery 
William Parry 
Jenna Rubaii 
Broadway debut	Ensemble 
John Sanders 
Vishal Vaidya 
Broadway debut	Ensemble 
Travis Waldschmidt 
Swings: Camden Gonzales, Jordan Grubb and Natalie WisdomOops! I haven’t posted in a while.

I thought I’d offer my thoughts on the Groundhog Day The Musical Broadway Original Cast Recording! I’ve listened to it a few times now so I think now’s a good time to do a mini-review :)

I’m already a massive fan of Tim Minchin, and some of the team that worked on my favourite musical, Matilda the Musical worked on this musical too so naturally I was already super excited!

Onto the (very brief!) review…

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Life &Music simon on 22 Dec 2013


Live Documentary

Friday was amazing (apart from not being able to sleep).

Several hours before the show, I managed to track down the bands’ location (kinda). They were hanging out around the Merlion except they had already left. I went searching and saw Kiyoshi through a restaurant window! I waited till he came out and I managed a picture! I was so nervous.

Now to the live:

I sung my lungs out and till my mouth and throat went dry. Shinpei kept smiling and singing along with me as he was looking my way. Gotch stood right in front of me. He rocked so hard at one point his glasses fell off! The crowd was amazing, especially during Rewrite. I got to Rasse Rasse with everyone in Kimi to iu Hana. Thank you Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Straightener for the most amazing night. Hope to see you again!


Man-like Creatures
Cinderella Song
From Noon Till Dawn
Melodic Storm

AKFG- (all with Shimo Ryo from Chef Cooks Me except encore)
Shinseiki no Love Song
Jam + 1980
Kimi to iu Hana
Kakato de Ai wo Uchinarase
Ima wo Ikite
Rewrite w/ Jam (new version)
World World World
Atarashii Sekai
Encore: Haruka Kanata

More stuff: Tokyo FM Photo Report / Live history

Life &Music simon on 06 Apr 2012

A Window to the Past

I thought I would compile my favourite and most beloved tracks from the Harry Potter series. The books, movies and music will always be in my heart and I hope that you enjoy these as much as I do.

Hedwig’s Theme–John Williams

There is no denying John William’s brilliant mind and musical genius. Hedwig’s Theme fits Harry Potter’s world so perfectly. I love how variations of this theme exist and appear in every single film. My favourite bit is about 2:50 in.

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Life &Music simon on 23 Jun 2010

magic disk!

DSC03194 DSC03196 DSC03197 DSC03198 DSC03199 DSC03200 DSC03201 DSC03202

Yep. arrived today.. on the release date!

Click the images to view larger size. The lyrics will be large enough to read :)

Life &Music simon on 28 Jul 2009

Ye Hui Mei

I came home from school today, and…
I found this sitting on the coffee table:
Ye Hui Mei  Inside:  Ye Hui Mei - inside

Very odd.

Seems like the real deal. I’ve never seen this around the house before, weird.
Well this means my Jay Chou collection is also getting bigger:
JC collection

Life &Music simon on 17 Jul 2009


As you can see, I received my order today! At about 8.45am.

tracking  tracking1

That’s all for now… yay!

Oh, and here is my current collection:

Life &Music simon on 11 Jul 2009

New DVD to wishlist

Found out yesterday that a new AJIKAN DVD is coming out. Eizo Sakushin Shu 6kan.
It’s two disc live compilation with footage from their 2009 World World World tour.


01 No Name
02 Mustang mag
03 Neoteny
04 Night Diving
05 Mugen Glider
06 Shinkokyuu
07 Re:Re:
08 Understand
09 Yoru no Mukou
10 Kimi to Iu Hana
11 World World
12 Mayonaka to Mahiru no Yume
13 Kaigan Doori
14 Yuugure no Aka
15 Eien ni
16 Tightrope

01 Fujisawa Loser 09 Yuigahama Kite
02 Kugenuma Surf 10 Kamakura Goodbye
03 Enoshima Escar 11 Kimi no Machi Made
04 Koshigoe Cry Baby 12 N.G.S
05 Shichirigahama Skywalk 13 Rewrite
06 Inamuragasaki Jane 14 Rashinban
07 Gokurakuji Heartbreak 15 World World World
08 Hase Sanz 16 Atarashii Sekai

It’s also going to be released in Blu-Ray which means.. HD!
Cost: DVD ¥5,565 (~$58), BR ¥4,300 (~$45).

Life &Music simon on 11 Jul 2009

CDJapan orders processing


Hehhe.. happy happy.
Hopefully I’ll get it within the next week. w00t!


Life &Music simon on 04 Jul 2009

My plan for this week..

..Is to buy three (that’s right, three) Asian Kung-Fu Generation CD’s.

They are (clickable pics):
Houkai Amplifier [EP]:

Mirai no Kakera [Single]:

Siren [Single]:

I wanted Kimi Tsunagi Five M too, but I can’t afford it.

Music simon on 02 Jun 2009

Call of the Night – PV

Yay. Its finally released.
This video makes me laugh. ;]

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