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Life &Site news simon on 17 Sep 2012

Say hello to Rith.tv


Hi there.

So I won a free year registration of a .TV TLD. Decided to get Rith.tv for five years while it’s on sale (.tv’s are usually freaking expensive).

It currently goes to my YouTube channel. This probably gives me an excuse and motivation to start putting out more video content for you guys. I haven’t done that in a while, hey?


Listening to: You’ll Never Walk Alone – Gerry and the Pacemakers

Site news simon on 14 Aug 2012

I’m back (again)!

Greetings, programs.

Okay so the site died for a little bit over the weekend. I have now moved everything over to a new server so everything should be working good as new now.

I’ll also try to blog more often, there as some cool things lined up for the rest of this year. Still waiting for the last week of November!


Site news simon on 27 Jul 2012

New website: rith.id.au


I’m such an impulse buyer. Doesn’t help that I’m Asian either, the impulse side and the stinginess don’t go together that well. Anyway, back to the announcement.


The purpose of this site is so I can have an online identity and a place where you can find anything related to my online presence. Think of it as my online business card. A portal to all my different profiles and accounts on the web.

Feel free to check it out. The website is small, but it’s meant to be. I’ll be giving it tiny updates over the next couple of days as I gather everything up.

Life &Site news simon on 15 Aug 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Saw this movie last Friday, and it was awesome!
We had the whole cinema to ourselves (five peeps) too, which was more awesome!

As soon my new internet connection is uh, connected, I’m downloading the game on PSN which is in awesome 8bit!

Talking of 8bit.. my site needs an update, doesn’t it? :P

Site news simon on 14 Jan 2010

Comments disabled

Due to an influx of spam lately, I’ve disabled comments completely.

If you want to leave any thoughts, please use the shoutbox on the right. Thanks!
Its getting lonely. Seriously. The last post was in August last yearrrrrr.

Believe it or not.

See ya.

Site news simon on 04 May 2009

New site header

What do you think spent a good half hour or so (maybe more) getting it right.

Its based off the artwork of Yusuke Nakamura. He does all the cover artwork and illustrations for Asian Kung-Fu Generation – his style is unique – incorporating an animal in every illustration in some way, a “character” in the image.. He’s one of my favourite artists.

Anyway. The music player has been updated so that the song will resume play when you switch pages (works best if the current song has already been preloaded) – shuffle should be working better now too.

Life &Site news simon on 03 May 2009

I’m back!

My site was down for a while, but its fixed now.
All is well.

I’m currently saving up for $30 to get an AJIKAN cd — “Nano-Mugen Compilation 09.” The preorder limited edition comes with a t-shirt! (CDJapan is already sold out! YesAsia still has them.. I’m so poor!)

Also tonight, I had to catch up on my origami (while not catching up on homework!)

Site news simon on 29 Apr 2009

The Konami Code

First, read this: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10228558-1.html

Now, do the same thing right now! (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, enter, enter, enter, .., enter as many times as you like!)

Have fun!

The Konami code

Site news simon on 24 Apr 2009

New page added

If you look up the top right, you’ll see a link that says “Flash games.”

On that page, I’ll be adding some games that I made myself (with a little help though).
Be sure to post your scores as comments at the bottom.


Site news simon on 23 Apr 2009

Heads up! Just don’t eat yourself while you’re at it..

I have added a snake game to the right of the blog for all my loyal readers to play. (I’m being sarcastic here.. lol)

If you believe you got a worthy score, leave it in the comments because I can’t get the highscore script to work with my flash file..

Oh, and I can’t believe I posted three times in one day.. that’s more than I’ve ever done in a fortnight.

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