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Site news simon on 23 Apr 2009


I want a new look for my blog people!

Can someone help me find one or give suggestions please?

Life &Site news simon on 04 Nov 2008

Its been so long..

Aarrghh! I really have been neglecting my blog.

I have exams in less than two weeks, and looking to pass year 11 smoothly. In other news, I’ve learnt more card tricks and given up on 4 ball juggling.

That’s it for now.

Site news simon on 06 Jun 2008

Forum up

I’ve now got a forum for my readers (if any) to chat about anything.
Let me know if you have problems or suggestions.

This will hopefully be permanent.

Site news simon on 27 May 2008

Domain = success

You can now access my page with http://rithsv.net!

So yeh… No comment.

Site news simon on 24 May 2008

New site layout

A gray/red theme has been designed for the main site.

Hope you like it! For now, its just a work in progress so stay tuned for a fully functional website.
Don’t forget, I’m getting that domain before the end of next week!

UPDATE: I have a few more pages up!

Site news simon on 19 May 2008

New Domain coming soon!

Hey guys..

I’m planning to buy a domain with in the next few weeks.
For now, I’m going with

Unless you can think of something better real soon. Ideas?
Bye for now.

Site news simon on 16 May 2008

SS44x’s new and _improved_ site!

My friend SolidSnake44x had some time to code his own page for his site!
Check it out in the blogroll.

Stay tuned for more from him.

Site news simon on 27 Apr 2008

Mini update

I changed the sidebar a bit hope its better for you. =]

SoliD has added games to his site! Check it out here.

That’s it for today.
See ya!

Site news simon on 17 Apr 2008

Upgrade to WordPress 2.5

You wouldn’t have noticed but just to let you know, the site is now run by WordPress 2.5.

Site news simon on 07 Apr 2008


I’ve decided to finally start blogging again – after seeing my good friend (SoliDSnake44x)’s new and improved website/forums.

I’ll start slow and begin to post more often.

Enjoy your stay and I do have a joint forums with SS44x here.

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