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Life simon on 31 Jul 2016

Even if you’re little, you can do a lot

You mustn’t let a little thing like, “little”, stop you
If you sit around and let them get on top, you
Might as well be saying, you think that it’s okay
And that’s not right.


I’ve got a bit of an obsession lately.

Been listening to a lot of the Matilda the Musical soundtrack (which is amazing, by the way), waiting for an opportunity to see the show in person. It was announced earlier in the year that the show was coming to Perth next year and I couldn’t be more excited (I’m still really bummed I didn’t go see it when I was in Sydney in 2015).

The other week, it was just announced that the Melbourne season will be closing with the last shows on the second week of November which was great for me! I’ll be there for PAX during that week and of course I booked to see it pretty much as soon as I land.

When I was younger, Roald Dahl was a source of wonder, imagination, and happiness as someone who liked to read those kinds of stories. This was the man that created Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and of course, Matilda.

I have really good memories of the movie that came out in the 90’s, and to have another adaptation of this great book – with songs written by none other than Tim Minchin – well, I don’t need another other reason to go see it.

If the show is running in your city, I highly recommend checking the musical out. It didn’t win all those Oliviers and Tonys for nothing!

Seriously, check out how amazing these kids are:

When I grow up,
I will have treats every day
And I’ll play with things that mums pretend
That mums don’t think are fun

And I will wake up
When the sun comes up,
And I will spend all day just lying in the sun,
And I won’t burn
‘Cause I’ll be all grown up

Life simon on 29 Jun 2016

50% progress update


Post at least once a month, he said. You won’t forget, he said.

Okay, okay. Hey, I’m here all right!

We’re half way through 2016 and a lot has happened. It hasn’t been a particular great year so far but life goes on and time doesn’t stop for anyone. Unless you’re a mutant named Quicksilver, then yea, I guess it slows down just a bit.

I’m looking forward to the latter half of the year because I’ve got some stuff lined up – it’s gonna be pretty busy!

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Life simon on 12 May 2016

Good Game Live 2016

Getting pretty good at posting at least once a month! (Let’s not get too ahead of yourself there, Simon).

Anyway, I’m going to cheat for this post and show you guys a vlog that I made of the trip I took to Sydney last month. It was a great weekend, and it was nice to get away from an otherwise ..erm, well, average time I’ve been having here recently. While the weekend didn’t go exactly to plan I still got to hang out with a few friends whom I don’t get to see often and also see my dad which is always a good thing!

In terms of the video itself, I’m actually quite proud of it really. I took my camera everywhere and made sure to film anything remotely interesting, so I had a lot to work with. Last time I went to Sydney I totally forgot to do anything so I made sure this time I had something to make – my channel is even more neglected than my blog here. Speaking of my channel though, I’ve now reached over 50 subscribers! It’s taken a few years and I’m not exactly happy with all my videos or the amount I produce but I’m glad there are people out there enjoying what I do.

Thank you for your support everyone!

Life simon on 11 Apr 2016

Internet Communities

The First ever Perth Pockeeters Meetup

So, you probably know that I get around on the internet.

I follow a number of different personalities, channels, groups and the like. One that I’m quite involved in is one called Pocketeers. Pocketeers refers to the fans whofollow a series called “Good Game Pocket” – a subset of the TV video games review show on ABC2.

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Movie Reviews simon on 26 Mar 2016

Films I’ve watched so far in 2016

Proof I go to the movies way too often

Not pictured: the 800 or so points that expired at the new year.

You might call me a movie aficionado. Maybe.

Anyway, I’ve watched a fair few movies this year. Here are some reviews, if you care for that sort of thing.

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Life simon on 19 Mar 2016


Perth at Night

So I’m currently binging the new season of Daredevil.

Each episode is 50 minutes to an hour long, and there are 13 of them. Netflix has released the entire season in one batch so that viewers can watch as many episodes as they want in their own time, and without having to wait for the next instalment. I’m just glad it came out on a Friday.

Anyway, why have am I bringing this up? Well take a look at the title of this post.

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Life simon on 23 Feb 2016

On Optimism

I consider myself to be a pretty optimistic and positive person. That’s not to say that I don’t realise when something is unreachable or unrealistic but I’ve never been truly stressed about how things will turn out.

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Life simon on 10 Feb 2016

What am I enjoying right now?

So it’s been a while since I’ve invested myself in an anime. After I finished up with Naruto (by that I mean, gave up on watching it and decided to read the manga instead) I hadn’t really gone back to any bar the odd movie or two.

Then, just recently it was announced that my favourite band would be providing the opening theme song to a new anime called “Boku Dake ga Inai Machi” (The Town Where Only I am Missing), known in English as “ERASED”.

Re:Re: ("Boku dake ga Inai Machi" OP version)

Listen to a new version of "Re:Re:" that will feature as the Opening Theme to "Boku dake ga Inai Machi" which premieres 7th of January on Fuji TV and associated networks.

Posted by AKFGFan.com on Thursday, 31 December 2015

The anime premiered just after the new year and I decided I’d give it a go. They actually used an old song of AKG’s which first came out in 2004 but has been re-recorded for the anime (in fact the entire album it was on is being rereleased this year). After watching the first episode, I understood why.

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Life simon on 30 Jan 2016


As most of you know, I’ve been an Enforcer for PAX since 2013 which makes this year my fourth year of volunteering for the show.

So why do I keep coming back to it?

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Life simon on 17 Jan 2016

On Grieving

I’ve never really been affected by an actor’s or a performer’s death. Not to say I haven’t been sad about them or anything, just that it’s something I’ve just accepted as a part of life.

That all changed this past week when I learnt of the sad news of Alan Rickman’s passing.

I found out via Twitter. I saw a couple tweets with his name and thought “it can’t be?” And then I saw the tweet that confirmed it. I was watching a let’s play video at the time and I was keen on finishing it so while I was watching and laughing along with that, I posted my reaction to the news on Twitter and Facebook.

After I finished watching that let’s play it started dawning on me what actually happened. Seeing tributes flow in, reactions from friends and other personalities. It started to become real.

I then messaged a few of my friends “lumos”, a call-back Dumbledore’s funeral in The Half-blood Prince. While doing this, I decided I’d watch a few Snape videos on YouTube. And then I broke. I tried to hold back the tears but they just came bawling out.

Is it strange that I’d cry for someone I’d never even met? A man I only knew through screen. This was the first time an event like this has affected me so much. But it really felt like I lost someone close to me, and you know what? He was. And to so many others too.

I grew up watching Alan Rickman play Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies, a series that is really close to me and was the first thing I thought of. It really took a tremendous actor to play such a great character of the series and he did it so well. I then thought of Marvin, the Paranoid Android from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a role he took on so brilliantly. Just like Snape, it was like he was always meant to be that character. Today I decided to watch Galaxy Quest and yet again, Alan Rickman’s performance was spot on!

Now I totally understand why people grieve for these actors, performers, celebrities.. When you spend much of your life idolising, following, watching these personalities there’s this connection you have with them. And to lose that means quite a lot.

Rest in peace, Alan Rickman. You were a great man.

P.S. Screw cancer.

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