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Life simon on 01 Jan 2016

Goals and motivation

Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan. Taken January 2011.

I don’t really do new year’s resolutions. Do I have any for this year? Well, let me think about it while I write this post.

For me, it’s a bit impulsive and random. If there’s something I want to do, then I’ll just go and do it providing the motivation is there.  If I set myself an achievable goal to get it done and dedicate a set amount of time to it, more often than not, I reach it. I also know my limits; while I try to push them, I do know when I am defeated. And that’s totally fine. In the end I can say that I tried and I’m better off for it.

So where does the motivation come from? It depends. If it’s something I’ve set out to do on my own, I know where I want to be at end of it which does make it easier for me to at least try. Other times, I will get my motivation from others by either direct encouragement or by motivating each other, setting goals for the both of us.

In the case of this blog, I really have been quite terrible committing myself to it. I guess my new year’s resolution for this year is to blog at least once a month (please yell at me if I skip one!). I also want to my posts to have a bit more thought rather than just the usual update. Now that a friend of mine has started up a blog of her own with one of her friends, it has really motivated me to get back into writing on here and I hope that we can motivate each other as well.

Life simon on 27 Dec 2015

The year is almost over

And I’m somewhat wiser?

Hey guys, it has certainly been a while hasn’t it? I always forget I have a blog (terrible, I know) but I should really commit to it – says me every single time I remember to post something…

So what did I achieve this year? I got myself a new job. I’m liking it. It’s certainly a change from what I had before but it’s still in the area that I envisioned my career path going in.

Things that have happened since I last posted. Hmm.. Not too much actually! Did PAX Aus for the third year, flew to Sydney to watch Pokémon in concert with a dear friend of mine – and got to see my dad, aunt, and cousin again after so long!

I’ll try to make a 2015 recap video this week. I don’t have much footage to work with so we’ll see.

Lastly, a friend of mine has started up a new blog. It would be awesome if you could give it a visit and show her some support! You can find it here.

Have a great new year!

Life simon on 29 Aug 2015

What? I have a blog?

Aahhhh! Sorry it’s been so long guys!

In between not knowing what to blog about, work, life, all that jazz – and also knowing not many people even read this anyway.. It’s hard to keep to schedule of blog writing.

Anyway, since I last wrote, a decent amount has happened. Conveniently I have vlogged about it:


Not too much has happened since July really. If you’re really that interested, you can go through my Instagram. Might see The Man from UNCLE tomorrow.

Later all!

Movie Reviews simon on 24 Apr 2015

Age of Ultron

Saw Avengers: Age of Ultron on Wednesday. My review:

Life simon on 11 Apr 2015

Awesome story from Oz Comic Con today!

So in the morning I was assigned to (I’m volunteering at OCC) the silent disco. This is a disco where there is no music being blasted through speakers, but rather wirelessly through headphones. Listeners could choose which DJ they wanted to listen to as well (there were two). People filtered in little by little as it just started so not much was happening.

Anyway there was this one girl who was there by herself trying to get into the groove of things. She’d start dancing, get a bit embarrassed with herself and stop. She did this a couple times. But as more people came in and started really getting into it, the whole group started dancing and the girl was joining in with them. It was really cool to see someone dance with people they don’t know and really have a good time, and not have to worry about being judged. So it made me smile that this probably shy girl found a way to let go and just dance, and others were doing the same.

Geeks are the best.

Also we had Darth Vader and a bunch of Stormtroopers come in as well. :P

Other simon on 10 Apr 2015

Perth Glory Salary Cap breach

I’m absolutely disgusted at the management of Perth Glory. Never mind we broke the rules; the punishment is 100% deserved. However, the fans are the worst off overall. We pay money to see games, we’ve also got the 2nd highest ticket prices in the league. To be shafted like this is the most disrespect to loyal fans who deserve better. I’m still supporting my team but I can not support the club how it is run now. Thanks for nothing, Jason Brewer and Tony Sage. Thank you for ruining our club.

I don’t know if I’ll be renewing my membership for next season. What a disgrace our club is.

Life simon on 19 Mar 2015

First Nerdfighter encounter walking the streets of Perth!

So the other night I was having dinner in Northbridge with a couple friends. I wore my Pizza John shirt that day like I do most days I go out into public hoping to maybe run into another Nerdfighter.

I’m walking along James St and a small group of people had gathered that we were walking by, and as we walked by they were joined by a couple more people. One of those people noticed my shirt, “AH PIZZA JOHN!”

I was still walking along and my friends had no idea what was going on, but as I was walking I turned around and did the Nerdfighter handsign which was met with “YEAH! NERDFIGHTERS!” I probably made her night.

My friends must think I’m part of a cult. :P

Life simon on 07 Jan 2015

Fun high school story time!

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for supporting me and reading my blog.
Hope 2015 is awesome for you!

Anyway the story:
So in high school, they introduced a strict blacklisting policy on the school internet. This made it annoying even for legitimate uses like researching for a project.

Anyway, people started getting around it by using proxy sites but eventually the school cracked down on these too.

Being the computer geek that I am, I actually hosted my own – on my own website. I had used this freely for a while but people caught on. I had told a couple people about it.. but I must’ve told too many people. Or I guess the wrong people. Which was stupid of me in hindsight.

Eventually the IT guy at school found out and I got in a bit of trouble. I think he even went to the trouble of finding out who was hosting my website and whatever. Don’t remember the details clearly but I do remember getting some kind of email about it.

Ah, those were the days. When I knew more about computers than the computer teachers themselves.

Bonus story!
In media class, there was a computer with a faulty disc drive. The teacher told me he was waiting for it to be repaired as the called someone in or whatever. I decided to check it out for myself. I opened it up and saw the belt had come off. So I got a pacer and my small metal ruler and put it back on the gears. CD drive fixed.
TL;DR: I fixed a CD drive with a pencil and ruler in five minutes.

Life simon on 23 Dec 2014

Sorry for the hiatus!

It was totally unintended. I have been meaning to post at least once a month but I failed didn’t i?

Anyway, just a quick one today. Lots of stuff happening on my channel!

You can check it out here: http://rith.tv

Hope to post more next year! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all!  :D

Life simon on 18 Oct 2014

Introducing.. Mario Kart Mondays!

If you would like to join me for a future Mario Kart Monday, let me know! We’ll work something out. :)

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